Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(Unofficial) Errata for the Java Language Specification 3rd Edition

I don't think there's an official errata for the 3rd Edition, so here's my (half-hearted) attempt to compile one.

5.1.4 "…combines both widening and narrowing primitive convesions…"
4.8 "…a raw type is define to be…"
15.8.2 "…a class literal, C.Class, where…"
8.4 "…but this is discouraged as a matter of syle."

There are also some more serious non-typographical errors/omissions/inconsistencies in the Java programming language grammar given throughout the document when cross referenced with 18.1.

See also: - Errata for Java Language Specification 3rd Edition

By the way, those section numbers aren't linked, but is still up (see blog entry: OpenSearch for JLS).

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