Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Aber einzigartig... danke."

Are you prime? has spread a bit despite me having abandoned it for weeks now. The really cool thing is that people actually start using its publishing feature -- pretty much its only mean of spreading.

In case you're wondering, it's "but unique... thank you" in German. It's a reference to my (empty) consolation to the composites: that though it isn't prime, it's still unique (duh?). The number happens to be a squarefree semiprime (A006881). Which I think is a class special enough that it should have its own name.
Oh, and it's now approved for directory listing too. None of this really matters now, but it still makes me warm and fuzzy.
Other interesting things seen in the log:

- Record for highest number of friends seen so far: 3004. Of those, 124 are primes.
- A person had 97 friends, 6 of those prime. Apparently not satisfied, he later came back with 139 friends, 9 prime.
- One person was so amused by the app that he spammed all of his prime friends.
Hmm this is getting embarassing, actually. I should make something much bigger than this.

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